Fruit Picking Jobs for Backpackers

Fruit Picking Jobs

Strawberry Picking is one of the most popular fruit picking jobs on offer to backpackers looking for work while travelling Australia. Strawberry Picking season is generally seen as being from November through to April. Australia has a number of different fruit harvest areas where strawberry farms can be found.

Whether it's picking strawberries, bananas or peaches, fruit picking is hard work but ultimately a great option for travellers looking to earn that extra bit of cash. You can support your travels with harvest work during the right season. Harvest work is tiresome but can be satisfying. Many farms offer live in jobs so you can save money on rent. You are also likely to meet many new fellow travellers in exactly the same boat as yourself. Queensland has many options for backpackers searching for fruit picking jobs while they explore the East Coast. So have fun and explore harvest work for backpackers in Queensland.

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