8 Cool Jobs at the Athletics Event in 2018 (Gold Coast)

Even before now, the Gold Coast was an awesome place to visit as a backpacker. Amazing surfing beaches, brilliant weather, a perfect environment for daytime and night-time socialising, theme parks, the great outdoors – and the list goes on.

And for the backpacker needing to earn a few bucks during their stay, the diverse and vibrant economy, powered by world-renowned tourism, makes the Gold Coast an even more attractive destination.

But as 2018 approaches, things are getting even juicier for the discerning and adventure-seeking backpacker looking to visit the Gold Coast. Why’s that? There is an athletics event to be held on the Gold Coast.

The Backpacker Job Board is in no way affiliated with the athletics event discussed in the above YouTube clip.

That’s right: companies and job-recruiters are currently doubling, tripling and quadrupling the numbers of casual jobs available to those in and around the Gold Coast ahead of this international sporting contest scheduled to take place between April 4th and 15th 2018.

Nearly 7,000 athletes and team officials from 70 countries – not to mention countless other visitors and tourists – will flock to the Gold Coast, and that means there will be plenty of extra work that needs to be done.

How many jobs will the event create? Tens of thousands. What are some of the coolest on offer for the adventurous backpacker? Here are eight of the best job opportunities at athletics event to be held on the Gold Coast:

1. Security Jobs

The sheer number of people set to descend on the Gold Coast means security will be a major concern. So especially if you have some security experience, helping to make international sporting contests go off without a hitch across a range of exciting venues is a thrilling prospect indeed.

2. Cooks and Food Prep Jobs

Thousands of visitors to the Gold Coast means a lot of mouths to feed – and that’s just perfect for those looking to contribute to the Games’ hospitality industry. There are plenty of casual jobs on offer so that the food and drink keeps flowing, including very accessible roles helping chefs with basic food preparation.

3. Hospitality Jobs

A huge international event like this means thousands upon thousands of people will want to wet their whistle at various events – and for many roles, experience in food serving is not even necessary. Just be willing to work in a fast-paced environment with a can-do and flexible attitude, and there are jobs for you.

4. Spectator Services

Think of the moment an athlete crosses the line to win that gold medal. What do you hear? The roar of spectators. To ensure they all have a great time and are kept safe, thousands of workers are helping to manage the flow of those spectators – and that means potential jobs for backpackers. We’re talking things like ushering, ticket-taking, spectator marshalling, access monitoring and more.

5. Venue Services

All of those spectators means an awful lot of waste. But don’t turn your nose up – look for the backpacker job opportunity! Ever wondered who cleans up the litter and waste? Companies are contracted to do that sort of work, and they’ll need a lot of extra hands on deck to keep the Gold Coast clean and shining.

6. Construction Work

Right now, the Gold Coast is a hive of activity. The government is building all-new, world-class sporting venues, and plenty of others are being redeveloped ahead of the Games. This means a lot of extra general labour and trade jobs that eligible backpackers can apply for, from window cleaning to gardening to delivery driving and more.

7. Promo Jobs

This is the perfect opportunity for Australia, Queensland, the Gold Coast and hundreds of associated brands and messages to be broadcast to a global audience. For the backpacker, that means lots of sales, event and promotional jobs to do, from the simple handing out of flyers and getting the word out about special deals, to casual graphic design, social media management, and so much more.

8. Translation Jobs

No fewer than 70 countries take part in this event – and that means a lot of mother tongues. So because backpackers hark from every corner of the globe, their natural multilingual skills will be sought after for a range of roles that require translation from Asian, African, European and many other native languages.

The Games – a brilliant time to be a backpacker

So it’s not just Australia, Queensland and the Gold Coast that should be excited – it’s also brilliant news for the casual job-seeking backpacker who’s looking for just one more reason to visit this amazing part of the world.

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