Best Backpacker Jobs in Australia for Couples

Best Backpacker Jobs in Australia for Couples

One of the best life experiences a couple can have is travelling together as backpackers.

Okay, it can be a challenge, and if you’re still together at the end of your travels, then you should probably get married. However, what makes your journey together easier is having work lined up for both of you along the way. Lifting the burden of not having to worry about money during your travels will serve you well.

Australia is not only a hugely popular and fantastic destination for backpackers, but it also provides plenty of great work opportunities for travelling couples. In this post, we will recommend and discuss five of these co-working opportunities.

1) Farm work & home help combination position

This is an obvious one which you may have heard about as in order to get a second-year visa you must work in one of Australia’s more remote areas. Usually farm work, house help or fruit picking, they are the kind of places where travelling to the nearest shop can take longer than travelling to another country in Europe.

A great option for couples is where one person will do farm work while the other helps with domestic work in the house, sometimes including childcare.

Families will advertise for couples roles like the above. However, when applying for any farm work, it can’t hurt to ask if farm & home help combination options are available.

2) Hostel Work (cleaner + security combo)

Hostel work is a great option for couples as it provides you with accommodation and pay. However, be prepared for little pay as you are getting free housing as part of the package.

Hostels generally like employing couples because of the combined skills they can offer of cleaning, security and front-of-house when required. Couples are also known to more trusted, responsible and reliable when looking after the hostel.

Don’t be afraid to ask your hostel accommodation if they have any work available.

3) Tour Guides

If you’re both ourdoor-people.

City walk guides or trek tours are often roles which suit couples—ideally suited to those who are comfortable talking to larger groups of people. If you are the kind of couple who likes to explore and learn about a city’s history and culture, then working as tour guides will be right up your alley.

Look for tour guide jobs advertised as well as ask your hostel of any if they know of any tour companies hiring.

4) Hospitality all-rounders

All-round hospitality skills are great to have for any backpacker. For the backpacker, larger pubs often look for a hospitality all-rounder couple. The hotel accommodation offered by pubs best suits a couple, however, the job roles may vary. For example, one half could be a back of house kitchen hand and the other a front-of-house waiter/ waitress or bar-person.

Pub work may be suited for the more social couple and those who don’t mind a drink.

5) Housesitters / Pet-minders

Housesitting and pet minding has taken off over the last decade. Several websites cater to this work where you will need to create a profile and garner trust. Many of these sites and agencies have rating and review systems, much like Airbnb or Uber.

A homeowner needs to know that the stranger they are hiring to look after their house and/or pet is responsible, reliable and competent in the day to day running of their household.

If there are pets involved, then you must love animals. You must also be responsible. Looking after a pet is no walk in the park. Well, for a dog, that’s part of the job. But you must also be prepared to walk a dog (or dogs) at least once daily and pick up their poo. Furthermore, you must be home every morning and night to feed them.

Other responsibilities are taking out the right bins on the right nights, watering the garden or cleaning the pool. One of the advantages for house-sitting is will find yourself staying in some pretty impressive homes and neighbourhoods.

To sum up;

There are other options for backpacking couples to live and work together while travelling in Australia; however, we feel these five are your best bets. Just figure what kind of work suits you as a couple. Don’t always go for the better-paying jobs. It’s much more vital for you both to be comfortable and happy with whatever you are doing.

Author: Matthew Heyes

Matthew Heyes is the founder of Backpacker Job Board. Currently based in Melbourne, Matthew originates from UK and came to Australia as a backpacker on a working holiday visa. It was during his time backpacking on the east coast of Australia that he built Backpacker Job Board. Find Matthew Heyes on Linkedin