Best Job Sites in Australia 2024

Best Job Sites in Australia 2024

We’ve collated a list of the most popular employment websites in Australia and ranked them by their estimated monthly traffic and Country Rank according to SimilarWeb. Take a look at the table below to see where Backpacker Job Board features in the list of best job sites.

2024 – Most Popular Job Sites

RankWebsiteLogoDomain nameSimilarWeb Ranking*
2Indeed*Indeed logo indeed.com68
3Workforce Australia
4Jora*Jora logo au.jora.com302
5GlassdoorGlassdoor logo
6Smart Jobs QLD,000
7Ethical Jobs,370
8Jobs WA,639
9Grad Connection gradconnection.com2,025 talent.com2,116
12Simply Hired,565
13Career OneCareer One logo,902
14Adzuna*Adzuna logo,368
15Jobs VIC,412
16I Work For SA,588
17Backpacker Job Board Backpacker Job Board,319
19Jobs NT,945
20NRM Jobs,039
21Job Search,346
22GrabJobs grabjobs.co15,540
23Student Job Board,645
24Grapevine Jobs,318
The Best Job Sites in Australia for 2024 (ranked by Country Rank value)


Here’s our archive of the best job sites throughout Australia for previous years. This includes our leaderboards for 2023, 2021 and 2020. During these years we ranked the best job sites using SimilarWeb or Alexa Traffic Rank.


RankWebsiteLogoDomain nameEstimated
monthly traffic
1SeekSeek logo,930,000
2Indeed*Indeed logo indeed.com9,269,000
3Jora*Jora logo au.jora.com2,319,000
4Workforce Australia,771,000
5Glassdoor*Glassdoor logo,521
6Ethical Jobs,876
7Smart Jobs QLD,296* talent.com392,834
9Grad Connection* gradconnection.com293,364
11Simply Hired,764
12Adzuna*Adzuna logo,775
13Jobs WA,904
14Career OneCareer One logo,187
15I Work For SA,481
16Jobs VIC,373
17Job logo,234
18Backpacker Job BoardBackpacker Job Board logo,233
20Jobs NT,174
21NRM Jobs,209
22CareerJet Career Jet,197
23FlexCareersFlex Careers logo,176
24ApplyDirect< 5,000
The Best Job Sites in Australia for 2023 (ranked by estimated monthly traffic)


The Best Job Websites in Australia 2021. Data collected in April 2021. Updated to include position change versus 2020 site rank.

RankLogoCompanyAlexa Traffic Rank
2021 v 2020
1Indeed logoIndeed*69 (⬆37)
2Seek logoSeek1,078 (⬆499)
3Jora logoJora*10,110 (⬇2,583)
4JobActive logoJobActive13,952 (⬆22,970)
5Glassdoor logoGlassdoor18,036 (⬆3,778)*34,870 (⬇15,876)
7JobServe logoJobserve*35,162 (⬆2,211)
8Career One logoCareer One54,489 (⬆32,820)
9Adzuna logoAdzuna*54,527 (⬇770)
10Student Edge logoStudent Edge*137,294 (⬇24,422)
11Backpacker Job Board logoBackpacker Job Board509,565 (⬇301,704)
12Career Jet logoCareerJet513,360 (⬇26,022)
13Flex Careers logoFlexCareers595,568 (⬇240,232) logoJob Search676,055 (⬇208,470)
15Apply Direct logoApplyDirect1,332,556 (⬇819,074)
16Staff Aus logoStaff Australia2,024,131 (⬆844,068)
17One Shift Jobs logoOne Shift Jobs2,734,489 (⬇1,202,283)
18Spot Jobs logoSpot Jobs4,397,328 (⬆666,072)

Alexa Traffic Ranking correct as of 12 April 2021


The Best Job Sites in Australia for 2020 can be seen in the leaderboard table below. This is our archived table of data from February 2020.

RankLogoCompanyAlexa Traffic Rank
Alexa Traffic Rank
1Indeed logoIndeed*106
2Seek logoSeek1,57720
3Jora logoJora*7,527150*18,994
5Glassdoor logoGlassdoor21,814245
6JobActive logoJobActive36,922512
7JobServe logoJobserve*37,3731,142
8Adzuna logoAdzuna*53,757751
9Career One logoCareer One87,3091,779
10Student Edge logoStudent Edge*112,8725,479
11Backpacker Job Board logoBackpacker Job Board207,8616,422
12Flex Careers logoFlexCareers355,3367,075 logoJob Search467,5859,149
14Career Jet logoCareerJet487,33810,366
15Apply Direct logoApplyDirect513,48222,502
16One Shift Jobs logoOne Shift Jobs1,532,206
17Staff Aus logoStaff Australia2,868,199
18Spot Jobs logoSpot Jobs5,063,400
19Employ Me logoEmployMe5,600,622

Alexa Traffic Ranking correct as of 20 February 2020

Note: Gumtree, Facebook, LinkedIn haven’t been included in this list. Although they feature job ads, they are not solely an employment website.

* These are international job websites. As such they have sub-sites targeting different countries, each on the same website domain. It could be argued that this may skew the league table of top employment sites in Australia, as traffic from other members based in other countries

Author: Matthew Heyes

Matthew Heyes is the founder of Backpacker Job Board. Currently based in Melbourne, Matthew originates from UK and came to Australia as a backpacker on a working holiday visa. It was during his time backpacking on the east coast of Australia that he built Backpacker Job Board. Find Matthew Heyes on Linkedin