Free Sample Cover Letter Templates

Free Sample Cover Letter Templates

You’ve read our 9 tips for writing an awesome stand-out cover letter, it’s now time to get started on your own. We’ve created some free sample cover letters for you to use. Let’s take a look at three different cover letters for three of the most common backpacker jobs:

  1. Au-pairing
  2. Farm work
  3. Sales & marketing

Much of this information will obviously need to be personalised, but feel welcome to make the rest of the letter a little more you too!

1. Au-pair cover letter

Sophie, 19, has spent her first two months in Australia travelling, and is now hoping to secure an au pair position in Melbourne.

Dear Adam and Jess,

My name is Sophie, and I’m writing to you about the au pair role that you’re currently looking to fill.

I am a 19-year-old from Sweden, and have recently arrived in Australia on a working holiday visa which I hope to extend into a second year. I had hoped to stay in Melbourne for three months, which luckily covers the school holiday period that you need help with! I see that you live in Fitzroy – I have only been in Melbourne for a few days, but it is already one of my favourite parts, and I hope to explore it some more.

I love caring for children. I have two young cousins at home – about the same age as your children – that I take care of for around five hours every week (feel welcome to contact my Aunt Kirsten +46 ### ### ### or [email protected] I enjoy weaving learning into play, and feel that I could even teach your children a little bit about my own culture!

I am available from now until the end of February, and have a laptop with some fun education apps that your kids might enjoy. I also quite like to cook, so perhaps I could share some Swedish cuisine with you!

Finally, I see that your post doesn’t mention sleeping arrangements. I was hoping you might be able to clarify what they would be. Could you share a few photos?

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

Sophie Ramström

2. Farm work cover letter

Kelly, 23, is coming to the end of her first year visa, and is looking to complete a few remaining weeks of farm work in order to secure a second year visa.

Dear Jim,

My name is Kelly, and I am writing to you regarding the farmhand position advertised on Backpacker Job Board.

I am a 23-year-old from Liverpool, and have been in Australia for around nine months. I hope to stay another year, and need to complete five more weeks of specified work to do so. I am also seeking an authentic country experience while I’m in Australia, which your open position looks like it will offer! Your part of the state looks beautiful, and I’d be excited to explore it.

While I haven’t worked with livestock before, I do have some farm work experience. In the past six months I have completed four weeks of blueberry picking in Coffs Harbour with ABC Berries (Cheryl Jones, Owner 04## ### ###) and three weeks of banana picking in far north Queensland with XYZ Bananas (Bruce Taylor, Manager – 04## ### ###), where I was the second-best picker in my team of 10. I am fit, have a strong work ethic and take pride in any job that I am asked to do.

I am available from next Wednesday (the 13th) for up to two months, at which point I’ll need to move on to other commitments. I have a driver’s licence and a vehicle, and can also bring my own bedding if necessary.

If you need anything else, feel free to call or text me on 04## ### ### or reply to this email.

Kind regards,

Kelly Smith

3. Sales & marketing cover letter

Antonio, 27, is on his second year visa, and is looking to settle down and work in Sydney over the Australian winter.

Dear Paul,

My name is Antonio, and I am writing to put my name forward for the telesales job you recently posted to Backpacker Job Board.

I am an Italian on a second year working holiday visa. Having spent the last 14 months working and travelling around the country, I am excited to settle down for an extended period in Sydney. Your job jumped out at me as the perfect opportunity.

I worked a similar job in Italy, at an inbound call centre for an internet provider, and really enjoyed the interaction with customers and the challenge of making sales. Over the course of a year and a half I was consistently in the top 25% of salespeople, and won the salesperson of the month award twice. I’m sure my old manager Carla (+39 ### ### ### or [email protected] would be happy to tell you more (don’t worry – she speaks English!)

I am available from the start of next month, and can work for as long as my visa allows (currently 10 more months.) I have become quite fluent in Australian English, and would be excited to work for an Australian company with such a wonderful product. I have used your service myself and was very impressed!

One question: I note that your post didn’t mention where the call centre was located, although I see that you have an office in Parramatta. I was wondering if you could confirm whether that is where the position would be based?

I look forward to your reply. In the meantime, have a fantastic day.