Infographic: How to get your 2nd Year Visa

Infographic: How to get your 2nd Year Visa

Spend 10 mins reading the Government website section on working holiday visas and you’ll soon discover just how complicated and head-scratchingly difficult the second year visa process is to understand.

Well, it needn’t be that hard! We’ve devised this helpful infographic to answer your questions.

Infographic: Second Year Visa process
How to get your Second Year Visa?

There’s a few key points you need to remember. You need to do:

  • 88 days
  • paid work
  • …in a specified work area…
  • …in a regional area of Australia!
  • Simple?

To help clarify these points, we’ve put together a pretty awesome infographic with all the details you need for second year visa eligibility.

Two key questions to answer are 1) What is “specified work” and 2) What is a “regional area” of Australia?

What is Specified Work?

The Government has a long and confusing list of the different types of work which are eligible for a second year visa. Note, this is not just fruit picking jobs or farm work. This also includes construction, mining and working in the fisheries industry. Check out all our second year visa jobs and apply today.

What is a Regional Area of Australia?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that regional areas of Australia are only those in the most remote parts of the country. This is not the case. Basically, the Government exclude all the major metropolitan areas of Australia. This is to encourage labour movement to those parts most in need. If you want to find out which postcodes are considered “Regional” and thus eligible for the second year visa, check out our new 2nd year visa map.

Still need help?

We always recommend that you still consult the Government website for the most up-to-date information. They also have an online enquiry system if you have questions about eligibility.