Road Trip from Sydney to Brisbane

A Sydney to Brisbane road trip is one of the most popular routes for tourists and backpackers in Australia. Encompassing a 927km stretch of the country’s eastern coastline, the route

Road trip from Brisbane to Cairns

The journey from Brisbane, in the south-east of Queensland, to Cairns, in the north-east of Australia’s second-largest state, is a long but popular one. Those opting to drive will cover

Record My Hours: App Review

This article was updated 13th September 2017 to include a response from a Fair Work Ombudsman spokesperson. In March 2017, the Fair Work Ombudsman released a new mobile app aimed at

Where do backpackers come from?

Australia attracts thousands of backpackers every year, and approximately three-quarters of them are young people entering the country on a working holiday visa. Aged 18 to 31, they come from

Charity fundraising jobs in Australia

Why backpackers should consider charity fundraising work It’s no secret that backpacking is nothing short of a great adventure. But it’s an adventure that requires financial fuel in the form

What is a Jackaroo or a Jillaroo?

Ever dreamt of having an authentic lifestyle experience in outback Australia? It’s easy enough to jump on a train or plane and see famous landmarks, such as Uluru or Lake

Things to do in Bundaberg

Located on the coast about two-hundred miles north of Brisbane, Bundaberg is an appealing city that has plenty to offer any visitor. Much of the city’s economy is based on

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