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Pelham enterprises Lake Grace, Western Australia

2nd Year Visa Eligible

Job Description


The job of covering grain stacks with tarpaulins generally lasts for 8 to 10 weeks. This depends on many seasonal variations and can last up to 12 weeks.

Hours are long during the busiest periods, generally starting at 5am and working through till dark (often 7 days a week). During this time there are usually breaks whilst traveling between grain receival points. Workers are paid to travel both ways, to and from work. This can often take 1 to 2 hours each morning and evening.
Starting wages are $25 per hour (flat rate). On top of this, exceptional workers can earn from $1 to $3 per hour extra, paid at the end of the job. To do this they have to complete the entire contract to the standard of satisfaction required by their work foreman. Finishing season garantees $1, good workers $2 and exceptional $3. Most earn $3 which puts you to $28 per hour.

Some days can be shorter than others, since the job of placing tarps can be affected by high winds. Generally, an average pay (after tax) is between 800 and 1100 AUD per week minimum. Last weeks pay was 74hrs = $1850 plus bonus = $2072 plus superannuation 10% (which we pay = $2279 times eight weeks = one bloody good holiday.

Accommodation is available at the Motel for around $25 per day. This rate is heavily subsidized. Also, subsidised home cooked meals are available at the following rates:
a) Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for $10 per day.
b) Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a full evening meal for $20 per day.
We do not supply breakfast, but there are tea, coffee and toast making facilities.
The work involves dragging tarpaulins over large stacks of grain, sewing them together as the heap progresses along the storage, fastening them down and sealing them for injection of phosphine gas to control insects. The work is only suited to those who are physically strong and fit, and capable of working in a hot climate.

As with many Australian construction contracts, there is an alcohol and drug policy which can be enforced at any time. Random drug and alcohol testing can be carried out on site at any time by the company we are contracting to. If you use drugs or cannot control your alcohol use, please do not apply!

You will need normal work clothing, including sturdy footwear (no thongs), and long sleeved shirts and long trousers. Coloured lightweight safety vests and hats are best purchased in the city before leaving. If not they can be purchased from us. Sunscreen, hats, gloves and iced water are supplied.
Before commencement, all staff must watch a training video and undergo a short training session regarding work safety. They are then required to obtain a white card. This card costs $30 and is very handy for securing jobs in the future, worldwide. We have an extremely good safety record and want it to stay that way, unsafe work practices will not be tolerated!

Because the owners of the motel give preference annually to our staff for available accommodation, a part of the conditions of the job require you to behave and follow their rules regarding caring for units, noise etc.

Many of our previous workers have formed long lasting friendships with us, and many have returned the following season.

My contact details are:
Damon Pelham,
Lake Grace,
Mob 0428651302

Postcode: 6353 (Lake Grace, Western Australia)

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Pelham enterprises

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