Backpacker Jobs Bundaberg

Farm Job ( Zucchini, Tomato, Capsicum, Straw Berry Etc..)

1st BUNDABERG, Bundaberg

Published: 27th August 2017

Hello guyswe will start picking tomato, zucchini, capsicum on tommorowthat's why i'm looking for a worker... Read more

Bundaberg Strawberry Packers Needed

HUMANPOWER Bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 11th August 2017

Bundaberg QLD 4670B 廠超好包草莓寄件包裝,95%好果,... Read more

2nd Year

Farm Stay

cult classics Bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 18th July 2017

This is a fantastic Farm Stay opportunity on an a organic apple orchard.We are seeking an enthusiastic,... Read more

Bundaberg Qld 4670 Seasonal Fruit And Veg Contract Pickers Wanted Urgently

HUMANPOWER bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 16th July 2017

Bundaberg QLD 4670 seasonal fruit and veg contract pickers wanted urgentlysecond year visa days sign off, after... Read more

Telco Tower Maintenance

Lewis  Bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 20th March 2017

Assist with tower ground maintenanceIn exchange for free travel and accomidation bundaberg to Cairns Read more

外場種地瓜苗+內場包裝 (無經驗可) 男生背包客 X3

HUMANPOWER bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 8th February 2017


2nd Year

***2nd Year Visa Job*** Hourly Rate

targo back packers hostel BUNDABERG, Bundaberg

Published: 14th January 2017

BASIL Farm - 5 PEOPLE NEEDED- Picking and Packing- 55-65 hours per week- 6-7 days per week$19.32 per hour... Read more

2nd Year


HUMANPOWER Bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 28th December 2016

!!!急急急急徵人 集集集集二簽!!!知名 TOMATO BACKPACKERS 背包客棧急!!!徵4名女孩兒 包裝... Read more

2nd Year

Picking , Packing Mango Job - Bundaberg - Experience People

Federal Backpackers Picking , Packing Mango job - Bundaberg - experience people, Bundaberg

Published: 12th December 2016

****** 2nd year visa sign *****Hello we are looking for backpackers who wants to get their 2nd year visa... Read more

Mangoes Picking And Packing

targo back packers hostel Bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 29th November 2016

Mango Farm - field work55-65 hours per week6-7 days per week$19.32 per hour + 9.5% super7 days signed off... Read more

2nd Year

Herb Picking

targo back packers hostel Bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 29th November 2016

Basil Farm - Picking & Packing55-65 hours per week6-7 days per week$19.32 per hour + 9.5% super3 hours of... Read more

2nd Year

Targo Backpacker's Hostel - Tomatoes Picking High Season

Targo hostel Bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 10th November 2016


2nd Year

Tomato Picking

Working Hostels Australia Bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 9th June 2015

We are currently advertising multiple places for backpackers seeking regional farm work in the Bundaberg, Queensland.... Read more

2nd Year

Cherry And Grape Tomatoe Picking

cherry backpackers hostel bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 9th February 2015

Looking for enthuastic hard working people to pick Grape and Cherry Tomatoes in the region of Bundaberg.We are... Read more

Farm Work And Fruit Picking J Obs Available

targo back packers hostel bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 14th November 2014

Urgent workers wanted.Needing efficient and hard worker for regional farm work for many fruit and vegetables... Read more

Painter / Building Labourer

Sheida Group Bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 22nd September 2014

Wanted : Painter and or Construction Laborer / Carpenter for a renovation project in Bundaberg QLD.Must be used... Read more

Santa Photography Set Supervisors - Hinkler Central, Bundaberg

Scene to Believe Bundaberg

Published: 27th August 2014

Part time customer service & photography positions also available.Leaders in the event photography market... Read more

Zucchini Picking Bundaberg

zodiac contracting Bundaberg

Published: 14th July 2014

Zucchini picking bundaberg.I am an aussie contractor here in bundaberg searching for workers for picking zucchini.... Read more

Zucchini Picking Bundaberg Queensland

aj contract picking PTY LTD Bundaberg

Published: 29th May 2014

Fruit Picking job available.Zucchini Picking available now. its contract wage (piece workers agreement) $2.5 per... Read more

Zucchini Picking Bundaberg

aj Contract picking Bundaberg

Published: 29th April 2014

Zucchini picking available in bundaberg Contract wage $2.5 per bucket (20l) sign second visa. Stay 3 months I sign... Read more

Bundaberg Tomato Picking Job

no Bundaberg

Published: 15th April 2014

We need tomato pickers from 21st April.Picking season from April until End of June.Wage: By contract $1.6/ bucket... Read more

Fruit Picking Backpackers Bundaberg

aj contract picking Bundaberg

Published: 4th April 2014

Available now:Zucchini picking 2.5 per bucket contract wage everyday work.Sweet potato hourly wage 20.4 per hour... Read more

Backpacker Jobs Bundaberg

Jobs in Bundaberg
Find jobs in Bundaberg, QLD

A thriving tourist spot in sunny Queensland, Bundaberg pulls travellers (and workers) from across the globe. Bundaberg was occupied by colonial settlers in 1830 and has cultivated a busy economy ever since. Perhaps most famous as the site of Australia's largest brewery, it's a must stop for those who enjoy a good brew! Beer and spirits are the specialities, but soft drinks are also brewed locally (try the ginger beer or the lemon lime and bitters to counteract the QLD sun!)

The brewery is in good company with an abundance of sugar cane fields - such fields occupying space all around the city. Because it is more fertile and less arid than other parts of Australia, Bundaberg boasts production of fruit and vegetables in all shapes and sizes from apples to zucchinis. Fruit picking is perhaps the most appropriate job to pick up in this area - it's tough graft, but pays well, and allows a bit of outdoor exposure on the job.

Those familiar with Australia's traditional visa system will know that it used to incorporate an element of farm work, and many flocked to Bundaberg to complete this. This creates a thriving economy, plenty of positions, and best of all a great community of like-minded backpackers! Bond over long hours of picking avocados or bananas, and continue the conversation over a glass of local rum and coke - the key to an enduring friendship!

Many think it's expensive to travel the world, and it can be - but by visiting the right places, and picking up casual holiday work, your next adventure might be closer than you think.