The Backpacker Calendar

Find a list of all the Australian harvest and fruit picking seasons, public holidays as well as the most popular music events and festivals to help you plan your trip.

January Backpacker Events


  • January 1st: New Year's Day
  • πŸ‡   Grape harvest begins (WA)
  • Dried fruit harvest begins (SA)
  • πŸ…   Pear, peach, tomato, tobacco and apple harvest begins (VIC)
  • Stone fruit harvest begins (NSW)
  • Sydney Festival (NSW)
  • January 26th - Australia Day
February Backpacker Events


  • Apple picking season begins (NSW, QLD, SA, TAS)
  • Pear picking season begins (NSW, QLD)
  • Peach and brussel sprout harvest begins (SA, TAS)
  • Melon and ginger harvest begins (QLD)
  • Canberra National Multicultural Festival (ACT)
  • Perth International Arts Festival (WA)
  • Sydney Chinese New Year (NSW)
March Backpacker Events


  • March 1st - First day of Autumn
  • Apple and pear harvest begins (WA, TAS)
  • 🦐   Scallop and prawn fishing begins (WA)
  • 🍈   Melon harvest begins (NT)
  • Cotton picking begins (NSW)
  • Vegetable harvest begins (QLD)
  • Adelaide Festival of Arts (SA)
  • 🌈   Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (NSW)
  • First Monday of March - Labour Day (WA)
  • 🎡   WOMADelaide (SA)
  • Second Monday of March - Adelaide Cup Day (SA)
  • Second Monday of March - Canberra Day (ACT)
  • Second Monday of March - Labour Day (VIC, TAS)
  • Ten Days on the Island (TAS)
  • Autumn Equinox
  • Canberra Comedy Festival (ACT)
  • 🎡   Canberra National Folk Festival (ACT)
  • 🐰   Easter (March / April)
April Backpacker Events


  • Easter (March / April)
  • Melon harvest begins (WA)
  • Pearling season begins (WA, QLD, NT)
  • 🍌   Banana prawn fishing begins (QLD, NT, WA)
  • Anzac Day
May Backpacker Events


  • Rockmelon and zucchini harvest begins (WA)
  • First Monday of May - May Day / Labour Day (NT)
  • Last Monday of May - Reconciliation Day (ACT)
June Backpacker Events


  • June 1st - first day of winter
  • Tomato harvest begins (WA)
  • 🍊   Orange harvest begins (SA)
  • First Monday in June - Western Australia Day (WA)
  • Second Monday in June - Queen’s Birthday (ACT, NSW, NT, TAS, VIC, SA)
  • Second Monday in June - Volunteer’s Day (SA)
  • ⛷️   Ski season begins (NSW, VIC)
  • Winter Solstice
July Backpacker Events


  • 🍌   anana and wildflower harvest begins (WA)
  • Ginger and onion harvest begins (QLD)
  • β›·   Ski season begins (TAS)
  • Revelation Perth International Film Festival (WA)
  • 🎡   Byron Bay's Splendour in the Grass (NSW)
August Backpacker Events


  • Tiger prawn fishing season begins (QLD, NT)
  • First Monday of August - Bank Holiday (NSW - not state-wide, ACT)
  • First Monday of August - Picnic Day (NT)
  • Darwin Festival (NT)
  • Royal Queensland Show Day (QLD - Brisbane only)
September Backpacker Events


  • September 1st - first day of spring
  • πŸ“   Strawberry harvest begins (SA)
  • Asparagus harvest begins (VIC, NSW)
  • Orange harvest begins (NSW)
  • Brisbane Festival (QLD)
  • Spring Equinox
  • Last Monday of September - Queen’s Birthday (WA)
  • AFL Grand Final (VIC)
October Backpacker Events


  • Mango harvest begins (NT, WA)
  • πŸ“   Strawberry harvest begins (VIC)
  • Peach harvest begins (QLD)
  • First Monday of October - Labour Day (ACT, NSW, SA)
  • First Monday of October - Queen's Birthday (QLD)
  • Melbourne International Arts Festival (VIC)
  • 🍺   Sydney Australian Beer Festival (NSW)
November Backpacker Events


  • Rock lobster fishing begins (WA)
  • Cherry and berry harvest begins (VIC)
  • πŸ₯‘   Mango, lychee, banana, plum, cotton and avocado harvest begins (QLD)
  • Melbourne Cup Day (VIC)
  • Gold Coast and Byron Bay "Schoolies" season (QLD)
December Backpacker Events


  • December 1st - First day of summer
  • Apricot harvest begins (SA)
  • Onion, stone fruit and blueberry harvest begins (NSW)
  • 🍌   Sugar and banana harvest begins (QLD)
  • Summer Solstice
  • πŸŽ…   Christmas
  • 🎡   Woodford Folk Festival (QLD)
  • New Year's Eve