6 Most Influential Travel Instagrammers to follow in 2018

Unlike traditional vlogging, Instagram influencers share their adventures through amazing photos, but with short videos and Instagram stories becoming so popular this year, your favourite Instagram travellers are now sharing their travels in multimedias. Here’s some names you need to know:


Luke “say my name like sharky’ Tscharke is an Australian travel photographer who specialises in stunning images of nature and wildlife. His photos are so beautiful that he’s racked up 90,000 followers and you can purchase some of his best images as a calendar. If you’re someone who likes to get close to nature, Tscharke’s Instagram is for you.


Lauren Path has successfully turned her love of travelling and ability to create viral Instagram posts into a marketing and PR career. Over the years she’s racked up 465,000 followers and over 5,000 amazing images of Australia and beyond.


Another Australian who shares mind-blowing images of his home country, if you’ve never wanted to visit Australia, Matt Donovan’s Instagram will quickly change your mind. Currently at 76,000 followers, we’re expecting Matt’s Instagram to blow up in 2018!


He might be young, but that’s not stopped Gab Scanu from achieving great things on Instagram. He’s gathered a massive 309,000 followers on Instagram and now has a successful career as a film-maker. If you’re a fan of beautiful beach shots, you’ll love this Instagram.


Lauren Bullen is possibly one of the most successful Instagram travellers there are at the minute. This Australian nomad visits the best and most beautiful parts of the world and has a massive 1.1 million followers envious of her amazing lifestyle.


You won’t believe the colours that Jewels captures in the Australian beaches and skies. This self-taught photographer has an amazing way of capturing textures that makes the you want to dive right into the images. Her beautiful shots have earned her 114,000 followers so far.


Author: Matthew Heyes

Matthew Heyes is the founder of Backpacker Job Board. Currently based in Melbourne, Matthew originates from UK and came to Australia as a backpacker on a working holiday visa. It was during his time backpacking on the east coast of Australia that he built Backpacker Job Board. Find Matthew Heyes on Linkedin