Super Refund

Super Refund Calculator
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If you are working for an employer who is paying you more than $450 a month, then your employer needs to be paying at least 9.5% of your wages into your superannuation account. Superannuation is the Australian name for a retirement fund or pension.

It is a legal requirement for your employer to put money into your superannuation account, so if you're not sure whether they are, you should contact the ATO for advice.

Super Refunds

At the end of your time in Australia, you will need to submit your tax refund so you can receive the most money back as possible. For starters, you will want to look at how much money you have sitting in your superannuation account.

Your employer should be able to tell you what superannuation account they have been contributing too, and with this information, you can call the fund to check how much money you have in your account.

Once your visa is up for expiration, and you plan to permanently leave Australia and return to your home country, you can withdraw your superannuation. However, the ATO will remove a further 35% tax from your superannuation account when you apply for your withdrawal. Nonetheless, you will be entitled to receive most of your superannuation back, which will be a nice monetary boost on your return home!