I'm not a backpacker. Can I still apply?

Yes. Anyone who can legally work in Australia and is appropriately qualified is welcome to apply for a position advertised on Backpacker Job Board. We often receive applications from international students, permanent residents, Australian citizens.

How do I delete my account?

All users have the right to delete their account and related assets. When logged in, visit our Delete Account page to action this process.

How do I change my email address?

You can update the email address associated with your account. First you need to login using your existing email address and password. Then visit your profile page and click the “Change Email Address” link. From here you can enter your new email address. You will then receive an authentication email to your old email address. You’ll need to click the link in this email to complete the process.

Remember, you’ll need access to both the old and new email account in order to update your email.

How do I change my password?

Forgot your password or just need to update it? No problem. Visit our Reset Password page and enter your email address. An email will then be sent to you with instructions on how to update your password.


How much does it cost?

Posting a basic ad on Backpacker Job Board is free, as long as it doesn’t sit in one of our exclusive categories; such as as Sales & Marketing. You can choose to post a Feature or Premium Feature ad and get extra exposure for your vacancy. These feature ads carry a fee. We also charge a small surcharge for our exclusive categories. This includes all Sales & Marketing job vacancies.

We also have other products which may be of interest. These include our Premium Employer status and our Job Packages.

View our Pricing info in full.

Do you charge GST?

Yes, we are an Australian based business and charge GST on all our job ad products.

Can I get an tax invoice receipt?

Yes. Login to your account and visit the orders page. From here you can view and print a tax invoice receipt.

How long does it take to get an ad approved?

We endeavour to process all moderated ads within 24 hours. Generally we do this much quicker. However, during busy times and public holidays it may take slightly longer. If your ad has not been processed within this time, please contact us and quote your Job ID reference number.

If you want your ad to be published immediately, you can purchase one of our Premium Feature ads. These ads go live straightaway and bypass our moderation process. Regular recruiters can upgrade their account to a Premium Employer. All Premium Employer ads go live immediately too.

How do I delete my ad?

Login to your account and visit your Management Dashboard. From here you can pause or delete your ad.

How do I contact an applicant?

When your vacancy receives an application, you’ll be notified via an automated email. You can then login to your account and visit your Management Dashboard. From here you can click to view all the applicants for your ad.

When viewing all your applicants, you can then filter each applicant into a shortlist or archive.

As well as the applicant’s resume, you’ll also find their contact telephone number and email address for you to get in touch directly.

Backpacker Job Board doesn't offer an instant messaging service. You'll need to contact an applicant directly.

Why was my ad denied?

All job vacancies are must been manually approved by our moderation team prior to going live. Please be patient. During busy periods this may take a little longer to approve. We generally moderate all vacancies within 24 hours.

Here are some of the reasons where your job vacancy may not get approved:

  • The vacancy is a duplicate
  • The vacancy is not relevant to a backpacker on a working holiday visa
  • The vacancy is not genuine. All vacancy titles must be the job title advertised. Vague job vacancies will not be posted.
  • The vacancy wasn't descriptive enough
  • The vacancy is sex industry related, inappropriate or explicit
  • The vacancy is for a model or masseuse
  • The vacancy is spam
  • The vacancy requires applicants to pay a fee
  • You are a competitor job board

You can find full details in our Terms of Service.

Can I get a discount for buying a package of ads?

Yes, we offer package  of premium ads which can be purchased in groups of 5, 10 or 20. Login and visit our Ad Packages page for pricing and to purchased.

How do I get my logo featured on the Backpacker Job Board homepage?

We feature our Premium Employers’ logo on our homepage. You can upgrade to become a Premium Employer from your profile. We charge an annual fee to become an Premium Employer. Pricing details can be found on our pricing page.

Can I upgrade my ad to a Feature or Premium Feature ad?

Sorry, no. This is not a feature we currently offer. However, this is something on our development roadmap.

In the meantime, you can pause your ad from the Management Dashboard and then post a new Feature or Premium Feature ad.

Can I “Bump” my ad back to the top of the listings?

Yes. Login to your account and visit the Management Dashboard. From here you Boost any ad older than 5 days. There is a limit of 50 boosts per ad. After which you’ll need to post a new ad.

Why do you charge extra for ads in the “Sales & Marketing” and “Events & Promotions” categories?

To help fund the maintenance costs of Backpacker Job Board, we collect a small surcharge from these premium categories. We find sales, events and promo jobs are most often posted by recruitment agencies who are more than happy to pay this small fee from their CPH budget. These allows us to keep other categories such as fruit picking jobs and au-pair jobs free to small businesses and families.


How much does it cost?

Nothing! Backpacker Job Board is free for backpackers to use. We don’t charge you anything to register or to apply for job vacancies. You can apply for as many vacancies as you like.

Can I contact an employer direct?

We encourage backpackers to apply for vacancies via our online application process. However, if you want to get in touch with an employer direct, you should be able to find contact details on their website or Facebook page. We do not give out employer phone numbers or email addresses.

Make sure you take the time to read our Safety Guidelines.

When should I expect to hear a response?

We ask all employers to respond to applicants in a timely manner. However, we cannot guarantee that all applicants will receive a response to your application.

We send an automated response for your records each time you apply for a job.

You can also view your application details via your account. You can also see here whether or not your application has been viewed or shortlisted.

Which jobs are eligible for the Second Year Visa scheme?

When posting a job vacancy, employers have the option to state whether the position is eligible for the 88 day - second year visa scheme.

We cannot guarantee the validity of their eligibility. We encourage all applicants to do their research to confirm that the job is suitable.

Note, second year visa jobs must be in a regional area of Australia and be of a specified work type. Details of this can be found on Department of Home Affairs website.

How do I know this is safe?

We try our best to provide backpackers with as much information to make responsible decisions about the suitability of employers.

In order to post a job vacancy on Backpacker Job Board, we ask all employers to only post fair and legal roles which are suitable to working holidaymakers.

We ask all applicants to read our safety guidelines before contacting an employer.

Establishing trust when contacting anyone online is a complex and difficult issue. Your safety and security is of vital importance. As such we encourage you to express caution throughout the application process, exercise common sense and research all potential employers.

We have a “Report a Job” button next to all job descriptions. We encourage any backpacker who knows anything about an employer’s reputability to report the ad immediately. We take all reports seriously and will remove any employer and ad which does not adhere to our terms of service.

Is my resume or profile public?

No. Your resume and profile are not public. Employers cannot search through our database of backpackers.

Only employers linked to job vacancies which you have applied for can view your resume and profile.

For more details, view our privacy statement.

Should I pay upfront for a job?

We encourage applicants not to pay any upfront fees for work or accomodation. Primarily, you should do your research on an employer. Make sure you speak directly to the employer after the written part of the application process. A skype video call is best, but a direct telephone is also great to establish trust.

If a deposit is needed for accommodation associated with work, then we suggest that you do this in person. Always get a receipt and be clear on the agreed terms of the deposit.

Should I send a copy of my passport or visa?

No. We encourage applicants not to send copies of important / private documents such as your passport.

This information may need to be recorded when you start work, but we recommend you do not send copies of your documents until you have established trust with the new employer.

I think an ad is a scam, what should I do?

Contact us immediately with as much detail as possible about the employer and the ad.

If you have been involved in a scam or have been treated unfairly by an employer, you should contact Fair Work Australia to report your case. You may also want to speak to your local police department.

What should I do if I’m involved in a pay dispute?

Fair Work Australia is the workplace ombudsman in Australia. Despite being foreign nationals, you have workplace rights and the ombudsman is here to help you. Collect as much information you have about your employment. Save all emails, SMS and paper records.

Can I claim my income tax payments back?

We can help you with your backpacker tax return. Find out how much you can claim back using our online backpacker tax calculator.

Can I claim my super payments back?

Yes. We can help you claim back your superannuation when you leave Australia. We work with one of the best tax refund services to help process your tax admin.

When is the fruit picking season?

Check out our harvest season calendar for all the important backpacker calendar dates!

Can backpackers work in Australia?

Yes! As long as you are on the appropriate visa. The most common visas for backpackers are the Working Holiday visa (subclass 417) and Work and Holiday visa (subclass 462). If you are on a student visa, then you can also work, albeit with some restrictions. If you are on a tourist visa, then you will not be able to work, however, you can get involved in some volunteer projects or work exchange programs.

What is a backpacker in Australia?

Backpackers are quite simply people who enjoy budget, independent travel. The name backpackers comes from the rucksack (backpack) in which they carry all their belongings. Usually backpackers are young (18-30 years old), though this is not always the case.

Where can I find backpackers jobs in Australia?

Backpacker Job Board is the ideal place to begin searching for a job in Australia. Browse our categories for jobs by region or filter down in jobs by specific categories. For example, fruit picking jobs, events jobs, farm jobs, hospitality, and au pair jobs.

How do I get a job fruit picking in Australia?

  1. Prepare your resume and customise it towards harvest work
  2. Register at Backpacker Job Board for an account as a job seeker.
  3. Browse both our fruit picking jobs and farm jobs pages for our latest vacancies.
  4. Craft an awesome cover letter
  5. Begin applying for the latest vacancies
  6. Where possible, follow-up your application a few days later with a friendly email.

What jobs make the most money in Australia?

Labourer Jobs and opportunities in the mining section are great places to make the most money in Australia. Commision based sales jobs are also ideal positions to earn the big bucks if you are experienced in this area. Have a read of our guide to the best paid jobs in Australia.

How easy is it to get a backpacker job in Australia?

Getting a job in Australia is easy as long as you do your prep. Begin with your resume. Make sure you update your resume so that is relevant to the jobs you’re applying for.

Where can I find backpackers jobs in Australia?

The job category pages at Backpacker Job Board are the perfect place to start your job hunt. Drill down into your preferred job type to read the latest job vacancies for that area of work.