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Labour Hire with Backpacker Job Board: How It Works

As a country with a low unemployment rate, finding employees can be a challenge for many Australian businesses. But what if you could gain access to an untapped pool of almost 200,000 eager workers?

A total of 185,450 working holiday visas were granted in the 2017-2018 financial year. This represents a huge collection of talent; one that many industries, from agriculture to hospitality, rely on to get the job done. Recruiting backpackers to pick fruit, manage traffic and pull beers is a win for everyone: businesses get the help they need, backpackers earn money to fund their trips, and huge value is injected into the Australian economy.

Are you a business who needs some help from temporary, part time or casual staff? Good news: thanks to Backpacker Job Board, backpacker labour hire in Australia has never been easier! In this article we’ll walk through the process of securing your next working holiday hire, from registering an account to contacting the successful applicant.

Ready? Let’s go!

Recruiting Backpackers: Our Hiring Process

Step 1: Free account registration

The first step is to register with Backpacker Job Board. Head to our registration page, follow the prompts and fill in the simple form – it takes less than a minute!

Step 2: Account activation

Once you’ve registered, you’ll be asked to activate your account. An activation email will be sent to your nominated address – simply click it, and your account will be approved!

Step 3: Update your profile

Sure, a candidate will need to sell themselves to an employer, but an employer also needs to sell themselves to a candidate. Update and fill in your profile, adding a logo and offering up a little bit of info about yourself and your organisation.

Step 4: Create an ad

You’re ready to find a worker! Create an ad that outlines the open position in detail, then click ‘submit’. Be as descriptive as possible and include photos where relevant.

Step 5: Post approval

To ensure our platform retains its quality and integrity we vet all new job posts. Once your post is identified as legitimate it will be approved and your ad will go live!

Step 6: Choose a Premium Feature Ad

Don’t want to wait for approval? Hoping to reach as many eyes as possible? For a small fee you can get a Premium Feature Ad that bypasses our moderators and goes live immediately. We also sell packages of Premium Feature Ads for regular users.

A note: All job ads are displayed in date order, with the most recent first. This means that you’ll receive the greatest number of applications in the days immediately following publication, with the law of diminishing returns kicking in from there. You can however choose to ‘boost’ your ad for a small fee, which resets the publish date and returns the ad to the top of the listings.

View pricing information in full.

Step 7: Become a Premium Employer

If you are a regular Backpacker Job Board user, it may be worth upgrading to a Premium Employer account. An annual membership fee brings the following benefits: 

  • Faster ads: No more manual moderation from our team – your vacancies go live immediately, helping you to employ backpackers sooner.
  • A premium profile: Enjoy a dedicated employer page that features all of your current vacancies in one handy place.
  • Your name up in lights: Your company logo will feature on our homepage, positioning you as a Backpacker Job Board partner.
Step 8: Receive applications

Once your job post is live, backpackers can apply to your vacancy. You’ll be emailed whenever a new application is received.

Step 9: Review applications

Log into your Backpacker Job Board account to review the applicants. Here you can view or download their cover letter and resume.

Step 10: Create a shortlist

Backpacker Job Board’s shortlist feature allows you to quickly and easily create a list of desirable candidates. Shortlist those with potential, and mark unsuccessful applicants as ‘archived’.

Step 11: Make contact

This is the part where we at Backpacker Job Board step aside. Contact applicants using the email or phone information they provide, and advise them of their progress. We encourage employers to contact all applicants – both shortlisted and archived – to let them know whether or not they were successful. Where possible, offer unsuccessful candidates reasons as to why they may have missed out.

Step 12: Pause or remove the ad

Perhaps you’ve filled the role, or feel as though you’ve got enough applications. Perhaps extenuating circumstances mean you no longer need a new recruit. At this point you can choose to either pause your ad or remove it from the site entirely (paused ads can be reactivated at a later date.)

Why choose Backpacker Job Board?

  • We are Australia’s largest backpacker employment marketplace.
  • Over 350,000 backpackers have registered with us in the last 10 years.
  • More than 70,000 job applications are received by employers every month.
  • We bring deep knowledge of both the working holiday maker job market, and the industries in which backpackers are employed.
  • We have impressive social reach, including 43,000+ Facebook followers!

The solution to the challenges of labour hire in Australia

With our low rates of unemployment, sparse population and competitive industries, labour hire in Australia has always been a challenge, particularly for those temporary, part-time and casual roles that don’t offer the levels of stability and security that many workers are looking for.

Working holiday makers are the solution to this problem. No matter whether you’re looking for workers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra or Cairns, labour hire in Australia is far made easier when you gain access to thousands of talented, young and enthusiastic workers who are only ever looking for non-permanent employment.