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Employment Problems?

If you are having employment issues, we recommend that you first read our safety guidelines. You can then report an employer through our contact form. Please include as much information as possible, including a Job ID and URL. We support the work of Fair Work Ombudsman. Should you feel that your employment is unfair or illegal, we encourage you to get in touch with Fair Work Ombudsman. Although we have a rigorous moderation process, we are unable to guarantee the legitimacy of all employment offered through Backpacker Job Board. For this reason, it is important that applicants do their research and due diligence in exploring employment opportunities. Helpful advice on this topic can be found in our safety guidelines.

Visa Questions

Backpacker Job Board does not provide any legal advice on any visa related issues. We suggest contacting a visa expert or the Department of Home Affairs for any clarification.

Advertising Enquiries

We don't currently offer small scale ad banner or EDM packages. However, if you want to make a general advertising enquiry, please use the form below.

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