Farm Work Jobs for Backpackers

Farm Work for Backpackers

Farm Jobs, Australia
Farm Jobs, Australia

Finding a casual job while traveling overseas, is the best way to make some upkeep money. For travelers who like the great outdoors and are in good shape, working in a farm might just be the perfect way to extend their travel in Australia. There is hardly ever a shortage of farms which need manual labor, especially during harvesting season. Causal work on a farm often involves picking fruits and vegetables, sorting out produce, pruning or dairy. The pay might not be too high but basic room and boards are often inclusive within the farm. In some cases, the accommodation might be a converted shed or ban.The work is not glamorous but some of the best friendships are formed based on this common experience. Life on a farm is cheap and great for saving money. It is also a big plus that fresh and organic food is available for the meals. Working in a farm while backpacking in Australia is all about living in the moment. It is also fun to acquire a new skill as you move along the road. Looking for a 2nd year visa job? Working in rural Australia's farming indistry often makes you eligible for a second year working holiday visa. Make sure you check the Government website for more details on how to get your second year working holiday visa.

Farm Jobs in Australia

Farm jobs in Australia are a great way for backpackers to earn some cash, while traveling around this beautiful country at the same time. From working on a dairy farm to harvesting seasonal fruits or pruning vines and trees, the scope of work is broad and varied, with most offering training on the job. It’s an ideal way to meet the requirements necessary to extend your working holiday visa and get a unique insight into the Australian culture and way of life.

Seasonal variations and harvest times mean that farm jobs in Australia vary depending on the region. Following the harvest trail allows you to experience different areas of the country as you travel to where the work is. Or you can find long-term positions as a jackaroo or jillaroo and learn new skills in a rural setting of your choice. A typical day might include herding livestock, cultivating and propagating plants or tree farming and felling, working alongside both local Australians and other backpackers from around the world.

All of our farm jobs in Australia are for backpackers visiting on a working holiday visa.

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