Farm Work Jobs in Bundaberg

Farm Work / 2nd And 3rd Year Visas

Shoestrings Backpackers Hostel BUNDABERG, Bundaberg

Published: 20th September 2020



2nd Year


Bundaberg jobs 2020 Bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 18th September 2020

We require a live in nanny/farm hand - we have 4 young children that need care at times and also a farm hand for... Read more


2nd Year

Live In Nanny/farm Work

Bundaberg jobs 2020 Bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 18th September 2020

Looking for a live in nanny who can help with the kids around the house and also farm work operations. Would suit... Read more


2nd Year

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bundaberg Bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 18th September 2020

Workers will be pruning blueberries plants.Hours will be from 6.30am – 2.30pm, 5 days per week.Hourly rate -... Read more



Dicky Bill Farming Drinan Drinan, Bundaberg

Published: 16th September 2020

Dicky Bill FarmingImmediate startHas vacancies for 8 people to harvest sort and pack fresh salad foods Some... Read more

2nd Year

Bundaberg Workers And Divers Hostel - Hourly Paid $24.36 - Rent Could Be...

Workers and Divers Hostel Bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 30th August 2020

Bundaberg Workers and Divers Hostel - Hourly Paid $24.36 - Rent could be lowered to $100, Packing Tomatoes, Zucchini,... Read more

2nd Year

Farm Work For Backpackers

Moorland Organic Farm Bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 26th August 2020

Job DescriptionFARM WORK FOR BACKPACKERS - Small crops farm in Bundaberg QLD.• Combination of hourly and... Read more

2nd Year

Vegs And Fruits Oz Farm Great Job Opportunity And Great Accommodation (offer...

Family Farm QLD, Bundaberg

Published: 25th August 2020

Vegs and Fruits OZ Farm Great Job Opportunity and Great accommodation (offer 2nd/3rd Year Visa)**Great Job**... Read more

2nd Year

Strawberry Packing & Accommodation

bundaberg Bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 19th August 2020

European and Asian welcomewe are looking for strawberry packers/sorters with immediate startpiece rate $100 to... Read more

2nd Year

Whv Farm Jobs Available Now

East Bundy Backpackers Bundaberg East, Bundaberg

Published: 13th August 2020

URGENT: Guys & Gals required NOW! All work qualifies for 462 & 417 WHV sign off, whether you're wanting to qualify... Read more

2nd Year

Farm Work

Grand Bundaberg Hostel Bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 11th August 2020


2nd Year

Farm Work

City Centre Backpackers Bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 3rd August 2020

We are currently looking for workers on several different farmsAll 2nd/3rd year visa eligibleTomatoZucchini... Read more

2nd Year

Vegs And Fruits Oz Farm Great Job Opportunity And Great Accommodation (offer...

Family Farm QLD, Bundaberg

Published: 25th July 2020

Vegs and Fruits OZ Farm Great Job Opportunity and Great accommodation (offer 2nd/3rd Year Visa)**Great Job***... Read more

2nd Year

Experienced Ginger Packers Wanted!! Hourly Paid~

Pick & Pack 88 Pty Ltd Bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 10th July 2020

Urgent ~~We are looking for someone who has experience in ginger packing!!(Hourly paid job )And can commit... Read more

2nd Year

Strawberry Packing Farm Work For Visa Days & Accommodation

Sss Strawberries Bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 9th July 2020

Looking to complete your visa dayswe are looking for Strawberry pickers no experience necessary we will train you... Read more

2nd Year


Jensen Family Farms. Bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 29th April 2020

Do you speak Mandarin/Cantonese? Are you awaiting for the fruit picking to commence? Have you done your 14 days... Read more

Picking Strawberries In Huge Farm !

SSS village kepnock, Bundaberg

Published: 16th February 2020

Hello thereOur crew is picking strawberries team and Farm name is SSS Strawberries.Farm located in bundaberg .... Read more

2nd Year

Farm Work For 88 Days (immediate Start, Hourly And Piece Rate Job)

Bigfoot backpackers BUNDABERG CENTRAL, Bundaberg

Published: 24th January 2020

Immediate start working !No issues for extending your visa !▣ Zucchini Picking (per bucket)▣ Capsicum... Read more

2nd Year

Register Your Interest For Picking And Packingwork

Farmgate Backpackers Childers, Bundaberg

Published: 27th December 2019

Farmgate Backpackers Hostel supply you accomodation and provide you work with transportLooking for workers for :... Read more

2nd Year

Farm Hand

veggies family farm Sunny QLD, Bundaberg

Published: 21st December 2019

local veggie farm needs 2 workers,You will be doing machine digging, packing, cutting, planting and weeding.... Read more

2nd Year

The Farm Worker

BIGFOOT backpacker QLD, Bundaberg

Published: 8th June 2019

Hello. How's your day going? Hope everything goes well with you.Please look through all the information below, and... Read more

The Farm Work In Bundaberg

Bigfoot backpackers QLD, Bundaberg

Published: 26th May 2019

★ Tomato picking: one bucket $ 2 piece rateDate for open the position : Already start(We are not sure... Read more

Wanted Hard Wokers !! Huge Strawberry Farm In Bundaberg

SG strawberry bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 7th March 2019

Strawberry farms in Oakwood (Bundaberg region). GET ! 2nd ,3rd working hoilday visa*You will commence working... Read more

2nd Year

I Need Some People For Ginger Digging Job.

Ahn Bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 24th February 2019

I need some people to join in my ginger digging team.Job is quite easy and simple.We sign for... Read more

2nd Year

((hourly Farm Job)) Sweet Potato Farm (all Year Round) At Tomato Backpackers...

Tomato Backpackers BUNDABERG, Bundaberg

Published: 27th December 2018


2nd Year

2nd Year Visa - Farm Work - Citrus Picking

Dingoblue Backpackers Bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 15th December 2018

If you are looking to get your farm work done and out the way so you can enjoy this beautiful country, we currently... Read more

2nd Year

Start Your 88 Days Now!!!

dingoblue backpackers BUNDABERG, Bundaberg

Published: 4th July 2018

We have ongoing work available for your 2nd year visa. We have contract and hourly paid work available for immediate... Read more

2nd Year

Strawberry Planting! This Farm Is One Of The Biggest In Queensland Wanted...

SG strawberry bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 12th June 2018

Strawberry farms in Oakwood (Bundaberg region). GET ! 2nd ,3rd working hoilday visa*You will commence working... Read more

2nd Year

Strawberries Farm Work Available For Second Year Visa Sign Off

targo back packers hostel Bundaberg North, Bundaberg

Published: 13th March 2018

Strawberry farm requires worker to start asapJOB: Planting $35 -$40Weeding/pruning is $30-$35 a row.Fast... Read more

2nd Year

Farm Job ( Zucchini, Tomato, Capsicum, Straw Berry Etc..)

1st BUNDABERG, Bundaberg

Published: 27th August 2017

Hello guyswe will start picking tomato, zucchini, capsicum on tommorowthat's why i'm looking for a worker... Read more

Bundaberg Strawberry Packers Needed

HUMANPOWER Bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 11th August 2017

Bundaberg QLD 4670B 廠超好包草莓寄件包裝,95%好果,... Read more

2nd Year

Farm Stay

cult classics Bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 18th July 2017

This is a fantastic Farm Stay opportunity on an a organic apple orchard.We are seeking an enthusiastic,... Read more

Bundaberg Qld 4670 Seasonal Fruit And Veg Contract Pickers Wanted Urgently

HUMANPOWER bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 16th July 2017

Bundaberg QLD 4670 seasonal fruit and veg contract pickers wanted urgentlysecond year visa days sign off, after... Read more

外場種地瓜苗+內場包裝 (無經驗可) 男生背包客 X3

HUMANPOWER bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 8th February 2017


2nd Year

***2nd Year Visa Job*** Hourly Rate

targo back packers hostel BUNDABERG, Bundaberg

Published: 14th January 2017

BASIL Farm - 5 PEOPLE NEEDED- Picking and Packing- 55-65 hours per week- 6-7 days per week$19.32 per hour... Read more

2nd Year


HUMANPOWER Bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 28th December 2016

!!!急急急急徵人 集集集集二簽!!!知名 TOMATO BACKPACKERS 背包客棧急!!!徵4名女孩兒 包裝... Read more

2nd Year

Picking , Packing Mango Job - Bundaberg - Experience People

Federal Backpackers Picking , Packing Mango job - Bundaberg - experience people, Bundaberg

Published: 12th December 2016

****** 2nd year visa sign *****Hello we are looking for backpackers who wants to get their 2nd year visa... Read more

Cherry And Grape Tomatoe Picking

cherry backpackers hostel bundaberg, Bundaberg

Published: 9th February 2015

Looking for enthuastic hard working people to pick Grape and Cherry Tomatoes in the region of Bundaberg.We are... Read more

Fruit Picking Backpackers Bundaberg

aj contract picking Bundaberg

Published: 4th April 2014

Available now:Zucchini picking 2.5 per bucket contract wage everyday work.Sweet potato hourly wage 20.4 per hour... Read more

Farm jobs in Bundaberg

Farm Work in Bundaberg
Farm Work in Bundaberg

Famous throughout Australia for its rum, the city of Bundaberg lies on the Queensland coast around 350 kilometres north of Brisbane. It’s just a short hop from Lady Elliot Island at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef which offers spectacular diving and snorkelling, as well as having its own sea turtle conservation area at Mon Repos. There are beautiful national parks and beaches to explore around Bundaberg and it’s just a short drive from Hervey Bay - the gateway to Fraser Island.

Farm work in Bundaberg is available year-round, with lots of different fruit and vegetable crops grown in the surrounding area. April through to December is the best time to find work harvesting vegetables and tomatoes, while melons are picked from October to December. There are also farm jobs available harvesting mangoes in January/ February and avocados, citrus and custard apples between April and June. March can be a quiet time for farm work in Bundaberg, so try and organise a position beforehand if you plan on visiting then.

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