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Backpacker Jobs Gold Coast

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Often compared to Miami, Florida, in the United States, this beachside city is a must-see for most travelers in Australia. Backpacker jobs on the Gold Coast are also readily available, earning travelers some much needed funds to use throughout their journeys. As the major film production centre in Queensland, the Gold Coast always has a movie being filmed. This makes it an attractive place to find work as an extra or helper on set. These jobs rarely require qualifications and the work may be done in just a few days with no obligation for future employment there. The Scooby Doo movies and House of Wax were filmed here while a number of Bollywood productions are always being shot on the Gold Coast. Known as Surfers, Surfers Paradise is the most famous feature of the Gold Coast. A hit with young Australians and Backpackers alike, Surfers is a hot spot for nighlife and partying. With that in mind demand for bar work and hospitality jobs for the Gold Coast is high here. Surfers is a great place to start your job hunting on the Gold Coast.

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