Fruit Picking Jobs QLD

Fruit Picking Jobs, QLD
Fruit Picking Jobs, QLD

Fruit picking jobs in Queensland are not hard to find if you are looking for a seasonal job to finance your travels, or simply want to experience a different kind of activity for a while. As Queensland is a huge provider of fruit and vegetables in Australia (over 120 different varieties are grown, and the region supplies about a third of all the fruit and veggies in Australia), you will usually find a good selection of jobs all year around, as the fruit does not only have to be picked, but the orchards also have to be taken care of during the other seasons, e.g. there are jobs like weeding, pruning, and sometimes also the planting of new trees and bushes to be done (though that is often left to the more experienced workers).

Fruit picking jobs in QLD include the picking of bananas, pears, apples, citrus fruits, plums, peaches, and mangoes. Apple picking is usually one of the most popular fruit picking jobs in QLD. It can be physically very demanding if you are not used to physical work, but if you manage to survive three days, then the worst will be over. Your bones will hurt, but it will get better from day three onwards!

If you, for some odd reason, have problems with finding a fruit picking job in QLD, then you should consider a fruit packing job, as the packing is done all year round. It is a repetitive job, but if you just need something to fill your bank account, then this can also be a good alternative to fruit picking jobs in QLD. You will be working inside, and will usually stand at some sort of belt where you will sort the fruit into crates, or put them into boxes – it depends a lot on what kind of fruit you are packing.

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