Fruit Picking Jobs in Sunshine Coast

Latest Fruit Picking Jobs in Sunshine Coast

Strawberry Pickers And Packers

Queensland Strawberries Wamuran, Sunshine Coast

Published: 6th May 2021

31 Strawberry Farms across 5 regions in Queensland are currently recruiting a picking & packing workforce to harvest... Read more

2nd Year

Grape Tomato Picking

Bunya Fresh North Arm, Sunshine Coast, Qld, Sunshine Coast

Published: 26th March 2021

Tomato picking jobs available for immediate start for the right candidates. Great location and great environment to... Read more

2nd Year

Strawberry Farm Hiring

Star recruitment Caboolture, Sunshine Coast

Published: 26th July 2020

26.07.2020(SUN)Preparing the Peak Season of Strawberries.We are only working by tax job.... Read more

2nd Year

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Strawberry Pickers And Packers

Strawberryshaz Chevallum, Sunshine Coast

Published: 21st July 2016

Strawberry pickers and packers wanted onsite accommodation for $123 per week with a $250 bond. You will get bond... Read more

2nd Year

Fruit Picking Jobs Sunshine Coast

Fruit Picking Jobs, Sunshine Coast
Fruit Picking Jobs, Sunshine Coast

People who are looking for fruit picking jobs in Sunshine Coast will have to live with the fact that it'll most likely be a job related to pineapples or strawberries. The main picking season starts in November and ends in January, however, the Sunshine coast has a variety of fruit picking jobs all year round – after all, that good weather has to be taken advantage of. If you would extend your search and not just look for fruit picking jobs in Sunshine Coast, then you could also pick cotton – and that might be quite an interesting skill to learn. It will also teach you a lot about how the cotton industry works.

As the fruit picking jobs in Sunshine Coast focus on pineapples and strawberries, you should know that both jobs can be strenuous in their own way. Pineapple picking is a skill you need to learn, it's not that obvious which Pineapples are ripe enough to pick. Some that have a green outside might be perfectly fine – but don't worry. If you decide to choose pineapples as your fruit picking job in Sunshine coast, then your boss or one of your supervisors will make sure that you are well trained before you start with the job.

Strawberries are not as heavy as pineapples, obviously, but the picking of strawberries can be strenuous, too. Fruit picking jobs in Sunshine Coast are in general only well suited for people who are willing to put real effort into it. The companies rely on their workers to help them with getting their products off the orchard and to their customers. It's important that you, as a worker, are willing to give your best. Working on an orchard is also a great way to have more respect for the way our food is produced, and you will learn skills for life.