Backpacker Jobs Coffs Harbour

Backpacker Jobs Coffs Harbour

Jobs in Coffs Harbour
Find jobs in Coffs Harbour, NSW

Coffs Harbour is situated on the north coast of New South Wales, among gorgeous golden sand beaches and abundant natural beauty. Best known for the "Big Banana" statue, there's much more than just giant fruit in this tropical paradise. The local marina, aside from the usual marine wildlife, boasts an informative and entertaining Marine Park which is well worth the price of admission. And with an airport nestled just minutes from the township's centre, Coffs Harbour is easily accessible by road or air.

While it's the perfect place for a holiday, Coffs Harbour is also an ideal place to pick up some paid work. A quick search of Australian job boards reveal many juicy roles - fancy a stint as a model or a promotional worker? The local fun park offers positions of this nature regularly. Technical tradies are also in demand, with mechanics, electricians and plumbers picking up contract work regularly.

While smaller than its NSW counterparts, Coffs Harbour is a great stop-off on any journey down the coast, or a destination in and of itself. Most backpackers will stop here during the journey from Brisbane South, but some choose to fly in for a more permanent stay. Regardless of your choice, be sure to stop in Coffs and see a different side of Australia.

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