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Backpacker Jobs Broome

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Australia is a huge country, and many working holidaymakers head to busy metropolitan cities like Melbourne or Sydney to job hunt. However, Western Australia is fast becoming a state travelers and job seekers from abroad are flocking to. Of course, there's the capital city of Perth to check out, but why not add the beautiful city of Broome to your working holiday shortlist?

Where exactly is Broome?

Broome is located in the state of Western Australia, the largest state by size in Australia. While the capital city of Perth is in the south-west corner, Broome is an immense 2,240 kilometers north of Perth, in what is known as the Kimberley region of the state.

Coastal Broome is renowned for its unmissable views of the Indian Ocean, warm to hot climate year-round and its ever-booming pearling industry.

If you are a beach lover, Broome will take your breath away. The tropical climate makes a day on the white sand of locations like Cable Beach entirely possible any day of the year, while a leisurely walk through Bedford Park is a must.

Broome's tourism industry puts quite a focus on local wildlife, with the Broome Crocodile Park, Broome Bird Observatory and camel rides on Cable Beach drawing visitors from all over.

In addition, Broome is a must-visit destination if you are an adventurous spirit, as activities like diving, fishing, aerial flights and hovercraft trips are big business in Broome.

And while the larger cities have population numbers in the millions, Broome is still relatively untouched and quiet, with a compact population of 15,000 - although this grows exponentially to 45,000 during the popular mid-year tourist season, when the weather is warm and dry.

Find a job in Broome

Now that you are sold on the prospect of commencing your working holiday in Broome, the next decision to make is which kind of job you can hope to find in the north-western Aussie city.

Broome is arguably the centre of Australia's thriving pearling industry. With that being said, pearling jobs are a dime a dozen, and urgent openings are often advertised.

Pearling involves farming oysters in search of cultured pearls, and is a popular backpacker job in Broome - so you will be in good company. Pearling is hard work, physical and often smelly, but offers great opportunities to explore the stunning Broome landscape during your time off. Many pearling jobs also involve working onboard boats for extended periods of time, with the benefit being that you have a chance to save up a nice wad of cash due to your meals being provided.

Although the pearling industry does operate year-round, the busiest season to pick up work is April through to October.

Prefer to stay on dry land? Farm jobs in Broome are easily attained, working in the dairy, fruit and cattle industries - just to name a few. Also, just like any other city in Australia, bar jobs and hospitality work in Broome are another backpacker go-to.

Packed and ready to jet to beautiful Broome?

The easiest way to reach the tropical city is to fly into Broome International Airport, which most major airports in Australia provide services to. Of course, if you want to see more of our great southern land, driving or getting the train or bus up from Perth offers exceptional vistas of the glistening Indian Ocean.

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