Backpacker Jobs Launceston


Vineyard Pruners Required

Northern Vineyard Services Northern Tasmania, Launceston

Published: 28th June 2022

Job: Pruning vines in vineyardsWe are vineyard contractors so the vineyard location varies around Northern... Read more

2nd Year

Guest Service Agent

The Sebel Launceston Launceston

Published: 13th May 2022

A part of the Accor Hotels network, The Sebel Launceston is a 51 room apartment-style property located in the... Read more

Food & Beverage Attendent

The Sebel Launceston Launceston

Published: 6th April 2022

Casual bar and restaurant in the centre of city looking for experienced Front of House bar and wait staff to work... Read more

Vineyard Farmhand

Viticulture labour solutions Launceston

Published: 24th January 2022

$27 per hour. Picking grapes in Launceston Tasmania. Work commences 10th march. Leave a mobile munber so we can get... Read more

2nd Year

House Cleaner

Little river Launceston

Published: 17th February 2021

Hi ,I,m looking for a female live in house cleaner gardener in exchange for free rent & food. This may suit backpack,... Read more

Cook And Clean For Free Rent And Food

Popowski Smithton, Launceston

Published: 6th February 2021

I'm seeking a female (preferably non-smoker) to help out with cooking and cleaning in exchange for free rent and... Read more


Workforce XS Bicheno, Launceston

Published: 23rd November 2020

Seeking a housekeeper in Bicheno for 20 hours per week for a local Hotel. Will be physical work so must be able to do... Read more

2nd Year


the clarendon arms pl Evandale, Launceston

Published: 6th February 2020

Chef/Cook – Full TimePassionate about food and hard working?Does this sound like you? Then we want to hear from... Read more

2nd Year

Harvest Work

Orchard Management Services Launceston

Published: 8th September 2017

Blueberry picking 2019.Family owned, organic blueberry orchard in northern Tasmania requires workers.There is... Read more

Au Pair - Tasmania

Tiny Tot Nannies Launceston

Published: 4th October 2016

**AU PAIR TASMANIA**Explore and discover beautiful Tasmania. A fun, lovely family is looking for their next au... Read more

Looking for Backpacker Jobs in Launceston?

In Tasmania’s north, where the North and South Esk rivers combine to create the Tamar, sits the beautiful city of Launceston. This is one of Australia’s oldest cities, having been settled back in 1806.

With a population of 100,000, Launceston can feel more like a big country town than a city, and the spectacular nature surrounding the city certainly adds to the rural vibe. Cataract Gorge Reserve, a beautiful nature park located right next to the CBD, is a prime example of this country/city crossover.

But is Launceston a must-see destination for a working holidaymaker? And what exactly might the city offer 417 and 462 visa holders?

Let’s take a look.

Where is Launceston, and how do I get there?

Launceston is located in the north of Tasmania, Australia’s island state. It is a 200km, two hour drive north of the state capital of Hobart (Launceston is easily the best city in Tasmania – at least if you ask the Hobart-hating locals). Being a small state by Australian standards, Launceston is within striking distance of Tasmania’s most famous natural attractions.

While most flights from the Australian mainland land in Hobart, quite a few go to Launceston too. The other option – and a good one for anyone with a vehicle – is to take a ferry from Melbourne, which lands close to Launceston on Tasmania’s northern coast.

What is Launceston famous for?

History and natural beauty are Launceston’s two major drawcards.

A walk around the city centre offers up a wealth of beautiful old buildings, including the Launceston Town Hall, St Andrew’s Anglican Church, the Cornwall Hotel and Customs House. But it’s not just about the structures themselves; fascinating museums are kept within many, including the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, the National Automobile Museum, and the Launceston Tramway Museum.

While Cataract Gorge puts the beauty of Tasmania on full (and very convenient) display, it’s worth taking a trip slightly out of town, to places like Gunns Plains Caves and Bradys Lookout. Hedge mazes seem to be a big deal in the Apple Isle too – if you feel like losing yourself, check out Tasmazia and Glengarry Bush Maze.

What are Launceston's must see attractions?

  1. Cataract Gorge Reserve:
    Tasmanian nature at its very best. A breathtaking nature reserve that carves its way right into the centre of Launceston, Cataract Gorge puts the rugged beauty of the state at centre stage. Keep an eye out for wild peacocks as you take the chairlift to Alexandra Lookout.
  2. City Park:
    One of Australia’s oldest parks (established in the 1820s), this historic patch features beautifully manicured gardens and water features, as well as the famous Monkey Island, home to a happy bunch of macaques.
  3. Queen Victoria Museum and Planetarium:
    Covering Tasmanian history, science, art and space, the Queen Victoria Museum is a true all-rounder. Visitors will enjoy the local exhibits, which offer great insight into Tasmania’s fascinating past.
  4. National Automobile Museum of Tasmania:
    Are you a petrol-head? A history buff? A person with eyes? Launceston is home to Australia’s national motor museum, which has something to entertain everyone, no matter your level of interest in four wheeled transport. Expect a line-up of the world’s oldest, rarest, most expensive cars.

What should I see in the Launceston area?

  1. Grindelwald:
    When Dutch immigrant Roelf Vos sold his namesake Tasmanian supermarket chain, he decided to spend his earnings a little differently. Welcome to Grindelwald, an enchanting Swiss-style village found 16 km northwest of the city centre.
  2. Gunns Plains Caves:
    An hour and a half west of Launceston you’ll find these stunning cave formations replete with sparkling calcite shawls, flowstones and glow worms.
  3. Bradys Lookout:
    Overlooking the beautiful Tamar Conservation Area, here you can see the mighty river on the last leg of its journey out into the Bass Strait.
  4. Tasmazia & The Village Of Lower Crackpot:
    Fun, cute and perfectly kitsch, this tourist attraction combines a hedge maze with a miniature town, and is as fun for adults as it is for kids.

Where should I stay in Launceston?

For a discount dorm bed:
Located in a beautiful 19th century house, Arthouse Hostel has been offering backpackers a discount place to rest their weary heads since 2007.

For something slightly fancier:
A fresher face on the Launceston backpacking scene, Pod Inn combines hostel socialising with hotel privacy, thanks to its crafty use of sleeping pods.

To treat yourself:
For the same rate as a more standard private in Melbourne or Sydney, you can enjoy the lap of luxury in Launceston, a fact best encapsulated by The Dragonfly.

Is there work for backpackers in Launceston?

If you’re a 417 or 462 visa holder looking for a job, Launceston is a fantastic option. Tourism generates plenty of jobs both directly and indirectly here, so many visa-holders find themselves working either at attractions or in hospitality.

You also find yourself in the Apple Isle. Fruit is big business here, whether in apple, berry or wine grape form. Demand is therefore always high for harvest workers, and farmhand opportunities are also plentiful.

So, is Launceston worth a visit for a working holidaymaker? It’s fair to say that Launceston is as relaxing and beautiful as any city in Australia, and is rarely short of work for those who are eagerly looking for it, so if you’re looking for a chilled place to settle and earn some money, this Tassie city is an excellent choice.

But in reality, there’s only one way to find out whether Launceston is worth a visit – and that’s to take a look for yourself!