Casino Jobs for Backpackers

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Casino Jobs in Australia

Casino Jobs Australia
Casino Jobs

Everything you need to know about casino jobs in Australia

If you are a working holidaymaker travelling to Australia looking for work, a role in a casino may be the right choice for you. Working in a casino environment can be quite demanding, and may include late hours. It is considered by many to be a fun role, however, and can be very rewarding particularly if you have an interest in the hospitality and entertainment industry. Casino jobs will, in the main, be located in our major cities; with the most work to be found in Sydney and Melbourne. However, the Gold Coast is renowned for its casinos and night-life.

So, let's take a look at casino jobs in Australia in more detail.

Croupier jobs in a casino

One of the most popular casino jobs is a croupier. Essentially, the role of a croupier is to manage and assist in casino games, primarily handling customer bets and distributing payouts. Most casinos do not require a croupier to have a formal degree, but there are croupier courses available to help give your job application a competitive edge. If you have no croupier experience, you could consider applying for a trainee croupier role and learn whilst on the job. Good knowledge of casino games and rules is also desirable, or at least the passion and determination to learn them.

Casino Job Options

There are multiple roles within the casino industry and you should consider which role is right for you before you start applying for specific jobs. Here, outline some of the main working options for casino jobs in Australia below.

Hospitality work

Casinos often have large bar and restaurant areas, meaning hospitality jobs are essential to the casino. Bar staff in a casino may be responsible for anything from serving drinks behind the bar to waiting on tables and providing bottle service for high rollers. Bar work can often be fast-paced and some experience may be required, depending on the job role advertised.

Casino Hotel work

Many casinos are attached or work in partnership with hotels. Hotel work is very varied and can include anything from checking in guests at the hotel to carrying luggage or cleaning their rooms. If you work on the reception of a hotel you must be able to present yourself in a professional manner and enjoy socialising with guests. Alternatively, you may have a role where you work primarily independently, for example, a maid or concierge, in this role it is important you can motivate yourself and complete tasks efficiently without constant supervision.

Gaming operators

Gaming operators, such as a croupier, are a important roles within a casino as they manage and run all the separate games. Most casinos will expect you to have experience as a gaming operator before hiring you as the role often requires the operator to have a lot of knowledge about the game and be able to host the game quickly and efficiently. For example, a blackjack dealer will need to be able to deal cards to a professional standard.

Cleaning and maintenance

Many casinos in Australia have high ratings and standards they will wish to maintain, making maintenance and cleaning work important to ensure the casino looks immaculate and everything is working as it should.

Casino Hosts

Many casinos have attached restaurants and bars that require waiting staff and hosts. Hosting duties include showing customers to their seats, taking orders and ensuring the VIP guests of the casino have everything they need. Again, often work experience is desired for these roles, but it is not always essential.


Like all casinos across the globe, security in casinos is extremely important as high amounts of cash are spent at the casino on a daily basis. The role of a security guard in a casino may include monitoring cash drops and looking out for suspicious behaviour, e.g. someone trying to cheat at a casino game.

RSA and RSG certificates requirements

If you work in a casino, you are required to complete a Responsible Service of Gambling (RSG) course in the majority of Australian states. If you work behind the bar or in a casino restaurant, you will also be required to attain a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certification, though specific requirements vary from state to state. For example, in Queensland, an RSG can be completed online, whereas, in New South Wales, a six-hour course needs to be completed in person. If you plan to travel whilst in Australia it is important to note that RSA and RSG certificates are state-specific.

List of Casinos in Australia

  • Casino Canberra (Canberra)
  • The Star (Sydney)
  • Lasseters Hotel Casino (Alice Springs)
  • Mindil Beach Casino (Formerly Skycity Casino) (Darwin)
  • The Star Gold Coast (formerly Jupiters Hotel and Casino) (Broadbeach, Gold Coast)
  • The Reef Hotel Casino (Cairns)
  • Treasury Casino (Brisbane)
  • Adelaide Casino (formerly Skycity Adelaide) (Adelaide)
  • Country Club Casino (Launceston)
  • Wrest Point Hotel Casino (Hobart)
  • Crown Melbourne (Melbourne)
  • Crown Perth (formerly Burswood Casino) (Perth)