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Backpacker Jobs Bundaberg

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A thriving tourist spot in sunny Queensland, Bundaberg pulls travellers (and workers) from across the globe. Bundaberg was occupied by colonial settlers in 1830 and has cultivated a busy economy ever since. Perhaps most famous as the site of Australia's largest brewery, it's a must stop for those who enjoy a good brew! Beer and spirits are the specialities, but soft drinks are also brewed locally (try the ginger beer or the lemon lime and bitters to counteract the QLD sun!)

The brewery is in good company with an abundance of sugar cane fields - such fields occupying space all around the city. Because it is more fertile and less arid than other parts of Australia, Bundaberg boasts production of fruit and vegetables in all shapes and sizes from apples to zucchinis. Fruit picking is perhaps the most appropriate job to pick up in this area - it's tough graft, but pays well, and allows a bit of outdoor exposure on the job.

Those familiar with Australia's traditional visa system will know that it used to incorporate an element of farm work, and many flocked to Bundaberg to complete this. This creates a thriving economy, plenty of positions, and best of all a great community of like-minded backpackers! Bond over long hours of picking avocados or bananas, and continue the conversation over a glass of local rum and coke - the key to an enduring friendship!

Many think it's expensive to travel the world, and it can be - but by visiting the right places, and picking up casual holiday work, your next adventure might be closer than you think.

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