Fruit Picking Jobs in Cairns

Latest Fruit Picking Jobs in Cairns

Banana Farm Work

Innisfail Budget Backpackers Innisfail, Cairns

Published: 25th June 2020

BANANA PICKING / PACKING JOBS FOR MALES AND FEMALES immediate startThe jobs available are very labour intensive... Read more

Mango Picker

Bock DIMBULAH , Cairns

Published: 20th December 2015

we require 4-5 hrs of work in exchange we provide you housing, shower, toilet, washing machine, we also have cows,... Read more

Fruit Picking Jobs Cairns

Fruit Picking Jobs, Cairns
Fruit Picking Jobs, Cairns

There are plenty of fruit picking jobs in Cairns, or in the region around Cairns. Your best bet: bananas. And more bananas. Banana picking jobs can usually be found all year around. If you move a little bit away from Cairns (or don't mind commuting a little), you could go to Tully – a place that is very popular with backpackers who would like to earn and save some money for their holiday. And in Tully it's really all about bananas. It might even want to make you go bananas after a while. There are also other fruit picking jobs in Cairns, as a variety of fruit is grown there. You might even be able to find a fruit picking job that involved picking pawpaws, which is something you should try if you have the chance.

But now back to the bananas, because if you look for fruit picking jobs in Cairns, then that's most likely what you'll end up doing. Those jobs are the easiest to find, and even though it's hard work (do you know how much those banana bunches weigh? Have you even ever seen one?), it can be very rewarding, and it also saves you money for the gym. You'll get really fit with these sorts of fruit picking jobs in Cairns. Girls, however, are often placed in the pack houses. If you are a girl, and would like to work outside, then you'll have to be strong and tough, and you'll also have to convince your boss that you are capable of doing the job. It might sound sexist, but that's just the way it works on banana orchards.

As already mentioned, fruit picking jobs in Cairns can be found all year round, however, when the weather is really wet (which it can be during the appropriately named wet season), work might not be possible every day of the week.